About us

The SDEF seeks to bring together evangelical Christians within
the Diocese of Salisbury, so that we may effectively contribute
to extending the Kingdom of God.
It does this by:
• holding meetings, in person or on zoom, where clergy and
laity meet together to consider issues of common interest
and to encourage one another
• providing a safe place for dialogue between evangelicals of
different traditions, so that they may hold together on
• encouraging evangelicals to stand for election to synods and
to Diocesan boards and committees
• representing the views of evangelicals to the bishops and
Diocesan staff


Peter Breckwoldt

Andrew Corke

Jake Eggertsen

Tim Greenslade

Chris Jervis

Matt Lee (secretary)

Sarah Pix (vice-chair)

David Price (chair)

John Waldsax (treasurer)

Daniel Washbrook