Pastoral Statement (6th March 2023)

As evangelicals in the Diocese of Salisbury:

– We apologise for times when we or our churches have not been
sufficiently Christlike in welcoming LGBT+ people and we affirm that
we and our churches welcome people from any background, including LGBT+ people; together we are invited by Jesus to come to Him and grow as His disciples.

– As the ordinal teaches, church leaders are called by God “to teach and admonish, to feed and provide for his family, to search for his children in the wilderness of this world’s temptations, and to guide them through its confusions, that they may be saved through Christ for ever.”

– The SDEF aligns itself with the Church of England Evangelical Council
and DEFs in other dioceses. We affirm the Church of England’s current teaching (see Canon B30) that marriage is intended to be a lifelong exclusive commitment between one man and one woman, and that sex outside of that should be met with a call to repentance. Issues of sexual ethics are not ‘adiaphora’ – matters indifferent. We oppose changes which will affect all of our churches and we celebrate afresh the Bible’s vision of human flourishing, including our sexuality.

– We are grieved that General Synod has decided to depart from the
historic interpretation of scripture in matters of human sexuality,
making it impossible to provide clear and godly guidance in the
important areas of sexuality and identity.

– We do not believe there is any path of faithful discipleship other than
celibacy (following the example of Christ) or marriage between a man
and a woman (modelled on the love between Christ and the Church).

– We believe that where leaders depart from orthodox Christian
teaching, this is likely to impair communion and impede our
fellowship, making fruitful partnership in the gospel impossible.

– We in the SDEF will support evangelical clergy and laity in prayer and
practical ways. Please get in touch if we can help.

This statement was agreed by the following individuals (if you would like to add your name, please contact the SDEF secretary)

Rev David Price (SDEF chair, St John’s & COGS, Heatherlands, Poole) 

Mr Steve Allen (St Paul’s, Canford Heath) 

Mrs Jill Barron (St Mary’s, Ferndown) 

Rev Geoffrey Boland (Canford Magna) 

Rev Arthur Botham (retired, St John’s, Wimborne) 

Mrs Marilyn Botham (St John’s, Wimborne) 

Rev Andy Bousfield (St Mark’s, Salisbury & St Andrew’s, Laverstock) 

Anita Bradnam 

Rev Peter Breckwoldt (St John’s, Wimborne) 

Mike Carter (St Mary’s, Sixpenny Handley)

Rev Patches Chabala (St Mary’s Ferndown & Hampreston)

Rev Nick Clarke (Radipole Team Rector, Weymouth) 

Richard Clarke (St James, Trowbridge)

Mr Terry Cockerell (St Andrew’s, Kinson) 

Rev Stuart Cocksedge (Team Vicar, Wareham)

Mr Justin Coldstream (St Luke’s, Parkstone) 

Rev Tom Coopey (St John’s & St Mary’s, Weymouth) 

Rev Andrew Corke (retired, Wimborne) 

Mrs Eileen Cossins (St John’s, Wimborne) 

Mr John Cossins (St John’s, Wimborne) 

Mr Richard Crease (St Andrew’s, Kinson) 

Mrs Dawn Cuthbertson (St John’s, Heatherlands, Poole) 

Mr Michael Cuthbertson (St John’s Heatherlands, Poole) 

Sarah Davis (St Andrew’s, Kinson) 

Sue Edwards (St Andrew’s, Kinson) 

Rev Jake Eggertsen (St James, Trowbridge & St Leonard’s, Keevil) 

Mr Bryan Evans, (St Andrew’s, Laverstock) 

Sharon Evans, (St Andrew’s, Laverstock) 

Rev Canon Simon Everett (Team Rector, Wareham) 

Andrew Farley (St Paul’s, Salisbury) 

Maggie Faulkner 

Christine Field (Red Post Benefice) 

Joseph Field (Red Post Benefice)

Rev Daniel Foot (St Martin’s, Guernsey) 

Rev Oli Fricker (Hampreston & Ferndown) 

Dr Alan Fryer (St John’s, Wimborne) 

Rev Tim Gomm (Portland Parish) 

Rev Tim Greenslade (Melbury Team) 

Rev Canon Garry Guinness (Retired Vicar, Wareham) 

Mrs Jeanette Guinness (Wareham Parish) 

Mr Alan Hanmore (St Paul’s, Canford Heath) 

Mrs Sue Hanmore (St Paul’s, Canford Heath) 

Ann Harmsworth (St Paul’s, Canford Heath) 

Mr Adrian Harding (St John’s, Wimborne) 

David Harris (The Lantern, Merley)

Jenny Harris (St John’s, Wimborne)

Rev Anne Hill (Retired, St Mary’s, Longfleet) 

Rev Malcolm Hill (PTO, St Mary’s, Longfleet) 

Rev Canon Andrew Holt (St Katherine’s, Holt) 

Rev. Peter Homden 

Mrs Yvonne Homden 

Jenna Ingles (Corscombe, Melbury Team) 

Mrs. Carolyn Jervis

Rev Chris Jervis (Hazelbury Bryan) 

Dr Michael Jones (St John’s, Wimborne) 

Mrs Paula Jones (St John’s, Wimborne) 

Sue Jones (St Andrew’s, Kinson) 

John Joy (St James’, Trowbridge) 

Mrs Jane Krammer (St Gregory’s, Marnhull) 

Rev Matthew Lee (St John’s, Wimborne) 

Rev Graham Loughlin (St John’s, Wimborne) 

Mr Iain MacCaig (St Andrew’s, Kinson) 

Caroline Marsden (St Bartholomew’s Sutton Waldron)

Rev James Menzies (Weymouth Ridgeway Team) 

Rev Malcolm Millard (St Aldhelm’s & St Ann’s, Radipole) 

Mr David Morgan (St John’s, Wimborne) 

Rev Peter Myres (Canford Magna Parish – St Barnabas) 

Angie Newnham (St Nicholas, Ashmore)

Paul Newnham (St Nicholas, Ashmore)

Rev Tony Oehring (St James, Poole) 

Jane Ough (St John’s, Wimborne)

Richard Ough (St John’s, Wimborne)

Su Patterson (St Andrew’s, Kinson) 

Mr Richard Pendrey (retired) 

Mr Brian Phillips (St Andrew’s, Kinson) 

Jenny Phillips (St Andrew’s, Kinson) 

Rev Sarah Pix (CPAS) 

Andrea Pratt (unattached) 

Edward Pratt (unattached) 

J Rich (St Andrew’s, Kinson) 

Heather Rogers (Retired) 

Rev Ryder Rogers (PTO) 

Rev Canon Craig Ryalls (St Paul’s, Salisbury)

Mr Chris Self (St Andrew’s, Kinson) 

Jackie Self (St Andrew’s, Kinson) 

Christine Shaw (St Andrew’s, Kinson) 

Rev Lee Shirvill (St Andrew’s, Kinson) 

Mrs Rachel Shirvill (St Andrew’s, Kinson) 

Mr Dave Simmons (St Andrew’s, Kinson) 

Mrs Jan Simmons, Shroton

Rev’d John Simmons, PtO Shroton

Sharley Simmons (St Andrew’s, Kinson)  

Rev Richard Simmons (Retired, PTO, Melcombe Regis and Radipole Team) 

Rev Matt Simpson (Lytchett Minster Parish Church & St Dunstan’s, Upton) 

Rev Matt Smith (Canford Magna Parish Church) 

Rev Canon Chris Strain (retired) 

Rev Canon Chris Tebbutt (retired) 

Rev Charlie Thomson (Melksham) 

Mary Tuffrey (St John’s, Wimborne)

Rev Mike Tufnell (Canford Magna Parish – The Lantern Church) 

Revd Heather Waldsax (Wimborne Minster) 

Dr John Waldsax 

Mr Mike Wallis (St Andrew’s, Kinson) 

Simon Wareham (St Andrew’s, Kinson) 

Rev Dan Washbrook (Christ Church, Creekmoor) 

Mr Derek Whiter (St Mary’s, Ferndown) 

Mr Peter Willgress (St John’s, Wimborne) 

Rev Matt Williams (St Paul’s, Canford Heath) 

Mrs Natalie Williams (St Paul’s, Canford Heath) 

Pam Wort (St James, Trowbridge) 

Stephen Wort (St James, Trowbridge) 

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